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As You read the Scriptures and Documents on this Site or hear the DVD Messages, We ask that you Please Keep an Open Mind to Yahuahs Word. If we Close Our Mind and Our Heart becomes Hard, How can   Yahuah  Teach   Us   His   Truths   to  Bring Us Out of the False Doctrines that We Have Always Accepted as Truth? Do not take my word for it. I am asking you to Please Study His Word that I Present for Yourselves and Let the Yahuahs Word Prove if it is True or False.  
                                                              -  Moshe Eliyahu
 (Warren G. Smith)
YHRIM Teaching Documents

Salvation: To Repent is a Command

Salvation - A Short Pamphlet
    **Front of Pamphlet
    **Back of Pamphlet

Bread of Life
Yahusha ha Moshiach/Messiah the Living Bread of Life

Spirit of Jealousy
 For many claim they are converted, but who or what are you converted to?

The Restoration of the True Shabbat & 
Yahuahs Scriptural Solar-Lunar Yearly Calendar Written in His Word

The True Sabbath - A Short Pamphlet
    **Front of Pamphlet
    **Back of Pamphlet

The '7 Day Continuous Cycle from Creation' Myth
A Repeated man-made Myth & Tradition that can Not be proven from the Word

The Restored Turn of the Year from Yahuahs Word
How & When Yahuahs Year Begins From His Word & 
Not From Assumptions & Teachings/Traditions of Men

The Last of the 120 Yobels/Jubliees
Mankind is approaching the 120th Yobel/Jubilee or 6000 years since mans fall

Is There a 13th Month Shown in the Scriptures? 
Yes! And it is Also Another Proof of Yahuahs Two Witness Solar-Lunar Calendar!

The Scriptural Beginning of a Day
Will You Let the Word Interpret the Word?

A Short Video Concerning Beresheeth/Genesis "...Evening & Morning..." 
YouTube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQt8PrSQXQg 

Rosh Chodesh - A Workday? A Shabbat? Or a Day of Its Own?

The Third Day, After Three Days, and the Sign of Yonah/Jonah

Hizqiyahu/Hezekiah the Sun Dial of Ahaz & the 29/30 Day Month

Sefer Yahshar/Scroll of Jasher a Witness of a 30 Day Month

Yahusha's/Joshua's Long Day

The Wave Sheaf

Pesach/Passover & Chag Matzoth/Feast of Unleavened Bread

Scriptural Answers To The Tired Excuses Many Try To Use As:
“Reasons Why They Don’t Have To Keep Pesach/Passover”

A Help Guide to Keeping the Pesach Meal
Preparation Needed,  Lamb Requirements, & How to Slay a Pesach Qualifying Lamb

Are we to Keep 7 or 8 Days of Chag Matzoth/Feast of Unleavened Bread?
& Scripturally: What is Chametz/Leavening? 

Feast of Weeks & The Count to Shabuot
When is the Scriptural 1st Day of the Omer Count? And How Many Weeks/Days are we to Count?

Yom HaKippurim - The Day of Atonements
A Day of Self Affliction and Prayer 

Appearing Clean Before YHWH on His Shabbat & Moadim
None of Yahuahs Word has been "...Done Away With..."

Additional helps or guide lines for the Feast Days

The Short List of “Do’s” & “Do Not’s” For YHWHs Appointed Times

Yahusha’s Earthly Birth Month
Many people state things that are opinions and generational tales.
But when does His Word state that Yahusha the Messiah was born?
Here's a hint: It was Not at Sukkot/Tabernacles

Mount Olives: Impalement of the Moshiach

Red Heifer & Purification from the Dead
The study of the Red Heifer is a shadow of the Death & 
Resurrection of the Moshiach and our Salvation! 

Faith and the 9 Gifts of the Spirit
What are the Gifts & How do they Work Together?

Have The Nine Gifts, The Manifestations of Yahuah’s Spirit, Ceased?
What is Written?

Born Again
What is it and when does it occur?

How People become Foolish Virgins
Why do they not have any Oil

Kingdoms of men are Beast kingdoms
People serve & worship the beast and don't even understand

Golden Image of the Beast
The Image of the Governmental Beast System

The Plain & Simple Truth About the ‘Star of David’
& the Multitudes of Real Pagan Symbols that Thrive In These End Days’

The "American Thanksgiving"...It Came from the Pilgrims.... Right??
 A short teaching about the origins of "thanksgiving day" 
And why We as Yisrael Can Not Continue in the Sins of Yahrabam/Jeroboam

Where Are the Dead?
Another Subject which has many False Teachings  in Nearly All Religions

Judgment Seat of Yahusha the Messiah
Where, When, and Who are going to be at the judgments According to Scripture

What is Baptism of Fire?

The Mystery of the 3 Ascension Feasts
Why did Yahuah command that All Yisraelite men were to Appear before Him 3 Times in a Year?

What is the Fathers Name & What is His Sons Name, If you can tell me?
"**IF** you can tell me?" Why 'if'? Because satan using men has nearly destroyed it...

Yahuah the Father & Yahusha the Son
Not One... Not Three... There is The Father AND His Son

Yahushas Ministers are Men
Irregardless of 'ear-tickling' ch-rch doctrines

Head Coverings For Yisraelite Men
Why Men Are Commanded to have their Head Covered

Head Coverings for Yisraelite Women
Why Women Are Commanded to have their Head Covered

Law/Torah & Grace

Teaching and Instruction

Was Paul an Apostle?
There is many arguments & opinions... But What Does the Word Say?

Brit-milah / Circumcision
What does the Word Teach about Circumcison & Un-Circumcision?
It's much more than what many understand

Marriage, Divorce, & Patriarchal Marriage
Covering Many Topics & Questions from the Word

A Mini Study on Marriage
Due to 'ch-rch teachings' Sin is 'OK' and even encouraged 
But Good is called 'evil' by this Generation

There is Help for Gays & Lesbians

“…Show you my Belief By my Works…”
Requirements to Perform the Works of יהושׁע/Yahusha

Prepare to Flee Kol Yisrael!

Yahuahs Command to Yisrael in These Last Days
Commands in the Word are not "just Spiritual" - But Require Physical Obedience

REVELATIONS 8:12 & Other Signs
That Are Being Fulfilled Daily... But are Hidden in Plain Sight 

Yahuah said “I will send you Eliyahu/Elijah” Malachi 4:4-6
'EliYahu' has come... but once again people do not accept nor 'see' them

Who are the Pharaoh, Ahab and Jezebel of Our Day?
The devil and his seed cannot break Yahuahs Word

The Great Tribulation
The Last 3 1/2 Years of Mans Rule

YHRIM Restoration Truth Teachings

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 All Inter-Connect in some fashion. 

These documents are in PDF file format, so you will need a PDF Reader program, like Adobe or other, which the vast majority of computers come with Adobe Reader anyway. 

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"No Scripture Ever Contradicts another Scripture, if it seems to we just need to adjust our perspective until we can see them clearly. Unless you can use All of Yahuahs Word without throwing any out, you can't Teach that subject Fully or Correctly." 5991 s.c.
                   - Yahusha ben/son-of Moshe Eliyahu

"There are Days Coming, that One Man will have to Stay Awake and Keep Guard, while Another Sleeps"  - prophesied 40+ years ago along with many other Truths. 
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