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We are going to be saving all of the YHRIM Newsletters from this point forward, which are sent out to the YHRIM mailing list & to the Members of the Restoration of All Things Yisraelite Fellowship Network, and will be posting them here in the new News Letter Archive  in PDF format. This way people can reference and share these Newsletters with other Brothers & Sisters at any time.

This list will be sorted with the most recent Newsletter at the top, and will continue with older letters as you scroll down the list. We should have started this archive when we began to send out these messages, but we didn't. So we are going to attempt to locate older letters and add them as can. 
All current and new newsletters from here forward will be archived here. ~ Shalom! 

****It is ABIB!! 
Rosh Chodesh/1st day - Abib/1st month 6004sc (pagan calendar: sunset apr 1st ~through~ sunset apr 2nd 2022)


​****The Mark of the Beast & the 10 Stages of Genocide - Happening Now
15th day 10th month 6003sc (pagan calendar: sunset jan 16th ~through~ sunset jan 17th 2022)


****The 10th Month, the Month of Judgment. Yahuahs warnings to His people
1st day 10th month 6003sc (pagan calendar: sunset jan 2nd ~through~ sunset jan 3rd 2022)


1st day 6th month 6003sc (pagan calendar sunset sept 6th ~through~ sunset sept 7th 2021)



***Warning: satan is going to counterfeit the destruction of sodom and gomorrah
12th day 13th month 6002sc (pagan roman calendar dates: sunset mar 24th ~through~ sunset mar 25th 2021)



***Learn just a Little bit of the Truth about the satanic day of christmas
22nd day 9th month 6002sc (pagan roman calendar dates: sunset dec 6th ~through~ sunset dec 7th 2020)



***Important Notes concerning Yom Teruah/Day of Trumpets & Yom HaKippurim
7th Month 1st Day 6002sc - Yom Teruah (pagan roman calendar dates: sunset sep 17th ~through sunset sep 18th 2020)


***The Seals of GILYAHNA/REVELATION - Which Seal are we IN Right NOW? 
6th Month 22nd Day 6002sc (pagan roman calendar dates: sunset sep 8th ~through~ sunset sep 9th 2020)


***Pesach/Passover Meal and the 9th Hour
(pagan roman calendar dates: sunset apr 6th ~through~ sunset apr 7th 2020)


***Pesach/Passover is less than a Week Away! "Things to Think About" - 3 Days of Darkness and the Death of the First Born... 
(pagan roman calendar dates: sunset mar 31st ~through~ sunset apr 1st 2020)



***The Fear of Yahuah is the Beginning of Wisdom... The Biological Weapon that has been released is just One of Many Events that we warned about many years ago - 15th Day - 12th month - 6001sc. 
(pagan roman calendar sunset mar 8th ~through~ sunset mar 9th 2020)


***SUKKOT - A symbol of the Beginning of the 2nd Exodus!!  15th Day - 7th Month - 6001sc 
(pagan calendar sunset oct 12th ~through~ sunset oct 13th 2019)​​



***WELCOME to the LAST DAY of the 6000 Years - 29th day - 12th Month - 6000sc
(pagan calendar sunset apr 3rd ~through~ sunset apr 4th)


***NEW Important Updates, Video Language Translator, Link to the Calendar for the 11th month, and More 
1st day - 11th Month - 5999sc (sunset 16th-jan-2018 ~through~ sunset 17th-jan-2018)


***IMPORTANT Corrections to the 8th Month Calendar - Link to new updated printable calendar
5th day - 8th Month - 5999sc (sunset 25th-oct-2017 ~through~ sunset 26th-oct-2017)


***September 23rd 2017 the date of the “Rapture”… ?
3rd day - 7th Month - 5999sc (sunset 22nd-sept-2017 ~through~ sunset 23rd-sept-2017)


***2nd Sliver Moon Sighted this Evening after Sunset
2nd day - 7th Month - 5999sc (sunset 21st-sept-2017 ~through~ sunset 22nd-sept-2017)


***Things that Need Covered for the next 2 Weeks: Yom HaKippurim, Sabbatical & Yobel years, Sukkot, and more
1st day - 7th Month - 5999sc (sunset 20th-sept-2017 ~through~ sunset 21st-sept-2017)


***Abib 14th Memorial Dinner, the Pesach Meal & "The 3rd Day, After 3 Days, and the Sign of Yonah"
15th day - Abib - 5999sc (sunset 10th-apr-2017 ~through~ sunset 11th-apr-2017)


***Information Concerning Next Years Projected Calendar
25th day - 12th month - 5998sc (sunset 22nd-mar-2017 ~through ~ sunset 23rd-mar-2017) 


***URGENT PRAYER REQUEST for Children Stolen by this Beast System
11th day - 11th month - 5998sc (sunset 6th-feb-2017 ~through ~ sunset 7th-feb-2017)


***America has been Judged and found Wanting, Sinful, and Wicked
22nd day - 9th month - 5998sc (sunset of 20th-dec-2016 ~ through ~ sunset 21st-dec-2016)

***IMPORTANT: A Brief note about a change in the 5998sc Projected Calendar, Concerns Yom Teruah and the 7th Month
28th day - 6th month - 5998sc (sunset of 28th-sept-2016 ~ through ~ sunset of 29th-sept-2016)


15th day - 4th month - 5998sc (sunset of 18th-july-2016 ~ through ~ sunset of 19th-july-2016)

Spanish Translation of Newsletter Above:
Día 15 - 4º mes - 5998sc (puesta del sol del 18-julio-2016 ~ ~ a través de la puesta del sol del 19-julio-2016)


**Abib 1st 5998 - DOUBLE EDITION - Both links Below:

***The Hyssop is ready, Pesach, Chag Matzoth/Unleavened Bread, and Every Yisraelite is making a Decision
1st day - Abib - 5998sc (sunset of 7th-apr-2016 ~ through ~ sunset of 8th-apr-2016)

***The Last of the 120 Yobels/Jubliees
1st day - Abib - 5998sc (sunset of 7th-apr-2016 ~ through ~ sunset of 8th-apr-2016)


The Prophecy of Yitzchak/Isaac being Fulfilled & the Flood is being sent forth - What is at the Door Step
1st day - 10th month - 5997sc (sunset of 11th-dec-2015 ~ through ~ sunset of 12th-dec-2015)

Yom Teruah/Day of Trumpets - New Teachings, is this the "Shemitah", Priorities & Choices, "Comforting" Words
1st day - 7th month - 5997sc (sunset of 13th-sept-2015 ~ through ~ sunset of 14th-sept-2015)

Today is Shabuot - Qesheth/Bows in the Clouds
7th day - 3rd month - 5997sc (sunset of 24th-may-2015 ~ through ~ sunset of 25th-may-2015)

5th day - 3rd Month - 5997sc (sunset of 22nd-may-2015 - through - sunset of 23rd-may-2015)

**IMPORTANT READ ASAP - Where do we Place the Blood of the Pesach Lamb?! 
14th day - Abib/1st Month - 5997sc (sunset of 2nd-apr-2015 - through - sunset of 3rd-apr-2015)

New Year begins next week, Pesach is Only 3 Weeks Away, and More
22nd Day - 12th Month - 5996s.c. (sunset of 12th-mar-2015 - through - sunset of 13th-mar-2015)

Updates, New Projected Calendars, New Teachings & More
8th Day - 11th Month - 5996s.c. (sunset of 27th-jan-2015 - through - sunset of 28th-jan-2015)

The "American Thanksgiving"...It Came from the Pilgrims.... Right??
Rosh Chodesh/1st Day - 9th Month - 5996s.c. (sunset of 22nd-nov-2014 - through - sunset of 23rd-nov-2014)

Solar Eclipse - When We Can Witness the Time of Conjunction during Dark Moon
Rosh Chodesh/1st Day - 8th Month - 5996s.c. (sunset of 23rd -oct-2014 - through - sunset of 24th-oct-2014)

Sukkot 5996sc has begun! - Common teachings about Yahusha ha Moshiach's Time of Birth being at Sukkot  is Not True!
15th Day - 7th Month - 5996s.c. (sunset of 8th-oct-2014 - through - sunset of 9th-oct-2014)

Yom HaKippurim - Ebola - ISIS  and Many Other Events NOW HERE! - Time is Out - Take Action Quickly
10th Day - 7th Month - 5996s.c. (sunset of 3rd-oct-2014 - through - sunset of 4th-oct-2014)

Remember Yom HaKippurim! A Day of Self-Affliction and Prayer! It is the Most High Annual Shabbat of the Year!
8th Day - 7th Month - 5996s.c. (sunset of 1-oct-2014 through sunset of 2-oct-2014)

Remember Yom Teruah! It is an Annual Shabbat!
29th Day - 6th Month - 5996s.c. (sunset of 22-sept-2014 through sunset of 23-sept-2014)

Brand New Teaching "Yahuah said 'I will send you Eliyahu/Elijah' Malachi 4:4-6" - Written + Video! 
6th Month - 22nd Day - 5996s.c. (sunset of 9-15-2014 through sunset of 9-16-2014)

Ministry Changes, Updates, & More + A Few Recent Signs of the Times-Current Events
Rosh Chodesh/1st Day - 6th Month - 5996s.c.  (sunset of 8-25-2014 through sunset of 8-26-2014)

When Is the Day of Shabuot? - Updates to Teachings, Website Overhaul, and More
3rd Month - 1st Day - 5996s.c. (sunset of 5-28-2014 through sunset of 5-29-2014)

Abib 1st - Pesach Preperations - Memorial Dinner - Chag Matzoth -  Updates and Changes
Abib 1st Month - 1st Day - 5996s.c. (sunset of 3-30-2014 through sunset of 3-31-2014)

A Radio Interview that All Yisrael Should Listen To
10th Month - 15th Day - 5995s.c. (sunset of 1-15-2014 though sunset of 1-15-2014)

Echad/Lamentations 2:6 - BitCoin & the 'Mark of the Beast' -  PM Arial Sharon 'Near Death' Will it be 8 Years to the Day?
10th Month - 1st Day - 5995s.c. (sunset of 1-1-2014 through sunset of 1-2-2014)

New Teaching 'The Plain & Simple Truth About the 'Star of David' - Projected Calendars for 5996s.c. - And More
9th Month - 15th Day - 5995s.c. (sunset of 12-17-2013 through sunset of 12-18-2013)

Pagan Idol Worship & More 'Signs of the Times'
8th Month - 22nd Day - 5995s.c. (sunset of 11-24-2013 through sunset of 11-25-2013)

Signs of the Times - Current Events that Most People have No Idea is taking place, such as 'Chineese Troops in Hawaii'
8th Month - 8th Day - 5995s.c. (sunset of 11-10-2013 through sunset of 11-11-2013)

The Last Great Day / The 1260 Days of Revelation / Why do Yisraelites Continue to call upon Ba'al & The Swine?
7th Month - 22nd Day - 5995s.c. (sunset of 10-26-2013 through sunset of 10-27-2013)

Before Yom HaKippurim Begins
7th Month - 9th Day - 5995s.c. (sunset of 10-13-2013 through sunset of 10-14-2013)

Remember Yom HaKippurim! - 'What about Cooking on Shabbat?' & Explict 'You Shall Not' Commands
7th Month - 8th Day - 5995s.c. (sunset of 10-12-2013 through sunset of 10-13-2013)

7th Month - 1st Day - 5995s.c. (sunset of 10-5-2013 through sunset 10-6-2013)

Get Ready for Yom Teruah! It is an Annual Shabbat! & Many Events Occurring in these End Times
6th Month - 29th Day - 5995s.c (sunset of 10-3-2013 through sunset 10-4-2013)

7 Days until the Beginning of the Great Tribulation
6th Month - 22nd Day - 5995s.c. (sunset of 9-26-2013 through sunset 9-27-2013)

Stand with Us for "The House of Refuge"
4th Month - 8th Day - 5995s.c. (sunset of 7-15-2013 through sunset 7-16-2013)

Aviv 21st 5995s.c. - Last Day of Chag Matzoth/Unleavened Bread - An Annual Shabbat
Aviv/1st Month - 21st Day - 5995s.c. (sunset of 4-30-2013 through 5-1-2013)

Aviv 14th 5995s.c. - Today is the Day of Pesach/Passover
Aviv/1st Month - 14th Day - 5995s.c. (sunset of 4-23-2013 through 4-24-2013)

Aviv 1st 5995s.c.- Pesach Preperation - The Abomination of Desolation, Two End Time Witnesses & Much More
Aviv/1st Month - 1st Day - 5995s.c (sunset of 4-10-2013 through 4-11-2013)

The Turn of the Year Has Occured - With Photos & Links
*13th Month - 15th Day - 5994s.c. (*sunset of 3-25-2013 through 3-26-2013)

Pesach is Still a Month Away! Those Keeping it Now are keeping it in the Winter 
*13th Month - 15th Day - 5994s.c. (*sunset of 3-25-2013 through 3-26-2013)

The Great Tribulation - The Last 3 1/2 Years of Mans Rule
*13th Month - 15th Day - 5994s.c. (*sunset of 3-25-2013 through 3-26-2013)

Rosh Chodesh/1st Day of the 13th Month
13th Month - 1st Day - 5994s.c. (sunset of 3-11-2013 through 3-12-2013)

Yahuahs Two Witnesses, the Sun & Moon, Have Declared a 13th Month this year
12th Month - 15th Month - 5994s.c. (sunset of 2-24-2013 through 2-25-2013)

If You're Not Awake Yet... "...Sleep On..."
12th Month - 8th Day - 5994s.c. (sunset of 2-17-2013 through 2-18-2013)

Time To Flee Yisrael - Signs of the Times - How Many Signs Should Yisrael Need Today? 
11th month - 22nd day - 5994s.c. (sunset of 2-1-2013 through 2-2-2013)

A Topic that Must Be Addressed - The False Teaching of the "Solar-Only" Calendar
11th month - 15th day - 5994s.c. (sunset of 1-25-2013 though 1-26-2013)

YHRIM Newsletter - Updates, church 'events' that 'must occur', & a 3rd witness to the 70 weeks of Daniel?
9th month - 15th Day - 5994s.c. (sunset of 11-27-12 through 11-28-2012)

Shabbat Shalom - Updates
8th Month - 22nd Day - 5994s.c. (sunset of 11-5-12 though 11-6-2012)

Major Updates & Annoucments 
8th Month - 15th Day - 5994s.c. (sunset of 10-29-12 through 10-30-12)

Chag Sukkot/Feast of Tabernacles 5994s.c. 
7th Month - 15th Day - 5994s.c. (sunset of 9-30-2012)

Yom Teruah - Current and Future Event Update
7th Month - 1st Day - 5994s.c. (9-17-2012)

Shabbat Shalom! - Basic Teachings which Kol Yisrael need to know
6th month - 8th Day - 5994s.c.

The Crops are Done for this Year - Some examples of this years "crop"
5th month - 22nd Day - 5994s.c.

New/Updated Teachings & Current Events Taking Place 
5th Month - 8th Day - 5994s.c. 

Pesach Day - The Day of Preperation - Wake Up Kol Yisrael!
Abib 14th 5994 s.c. (4-5-2012)

Memorial Dinner & Pesach Preperations
Abib 13th 5994 s.c. (4-4-2012)

READ IMMEDIATELY!! Another Confirmation that We Are In The 3rd Year of Tribulation!
Abib 12th 5994 s.c. (4-3-2012)

Abib 1st 5994s.c. Has Begun! - Q/A about the Pesach Lamb - Are you Preparing to Flee? 
Abib 1st Month - 1st Day- 5994 s.c. (3-23-2012)

Only 7 more Days until Abib & Pesach Preperations
12th Month - 22nd Day - 5993 s.c. (sunset of 3-14-2012)

The 2nd Day of Purim, Pray for Deliverance, Signs of the Times - The Birth Pains of the Earth
12th Month - 15th Day - 5993 s.c. (3-8-2012)

The 1st Day of Purim - A Time of Deliverance
12th Month - 14th Day - 5993 s.c. (3-7-2012)

Pesach & Chag Matzoth/Feast of Unleavened Bread Preparations, Sign of the Times - Events Taking Place Daily
Sent on the: 12th Month - 8th Day - 5993s.c. (3-1-2012)

Detailed Explanation of Daniel 9:27, Plus a little more discussion about Preparation & Vehicles -
Sent on the: 11th Month – 22nd Day – 5993s.c. (2-13-2012)

New Calendar Info & Update - 
Sent on the: 10th Month - 23rd Day - 5993sc (sunset of 1-15-2012)

Turn of the Year Reminder & Links to Connected Teachings, Plus news report about "they skipped saturday!"
Sent on the: 10th month - 8th Day - 5993 s.c. (1-1-2012)

Sent on the: 9th month - 8th day - 5993 s.c. (12-3-2011)

Should you as an Yisarelite Keep "thanksgiving"?? - And More About Preparation 
Sent on the: 8th month - 29th day - 5993 (sunset of 11-23-2011)

Reminder about the 2300 days of Daniel - The 2nd Exodus - &  New Teaching from Moshe Eliyahu "Brit-Milah"
Sent on the: 8th month - 22nd day - 5993 s.c. (sunset of 11-9-2011) 

There were many previous newsletters before the the one's listed above, but those were published on our "Restoration of All Things" Social Network, which we closed down back some years ago. And was before we started the Newsletter Archive here. Unfortunately because of a failed hard drives, all those newsletters were lost. 
NOTE: Each Newsletter "title" below is a basic reference for a few of the topics covered in that newsletter

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- Moshe EliYahu ben Yechezkel
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                   - Yahusha ben/son-of Moshe Eliyahu

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