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Moshe Eliyahu (Warren G. Smith), Simcha Nachamu (Carolyn) 
and Yahusha ben/son-of Moshe Eliyahu (Warren A.)

I was converted at the age of 27 in 1968. The assembly I was attending was a Pentecostal c-urch in Indiana. Then 10 years later in January of 1979 my betrothed Carolyn and I were married and we left the denominations in the spring of ‘79. As we began to understand some Truth, we hungered for more Truth of the Word of our Heavenly Father. We were searching for Truth, as we searched and studied His Word we cried out to our Creator, He began to open our eyes and to help us see the Truths of His Word.

On November 10, 1982, Yahuah baruk us with a beautiful, healthy baby boy. In 1983 my wife, 5 month old son, and I moved to Kentucky and I found work with a construction company. Later in the same year I was hired as a maintenance man to work in a Dairy Company in London, Kentucky. In 1986 I had to go to a heart Doctor because of severe chest pains that I kept having. After walking on a treadmill for just a couple of minutes and then having an Echo-gram, the Doctor told me that I had a mitral valve that was leaking and allowing the blood to back flow into the heart chamber. He suggested valve replacement then and I said no, not yet, as I believe My Heavenly Father to take care of me.

In 1988 YHWH revealed to me through His Word, that He was calling me into the Ministry.  In March of that same year, I ministered on the Radio for the first time. I was 47 years old; it was 20 years from the time that I was first converted. In August of 1988, I gave up my job and my retirement, to begin to try to minister full time for the Kingdom. In 1990, I thought we were to sell our home, and move from Kentucky back to Indiana, which we did in August. We looked for a place to rent; no one would rent to us as I didn’t have a job. So we ended up living in a storage trailer at my sister-in-law’s home for 4 months. We did have an electric drop-cord so we could cook on a hot plate, which my brother-in-law connected to the trailer. The storage trailer had no running water but it was a dry place where we could stay, but we had to use my sister-in-law’s bathroom in her home and there were 5 of them in her family. It was not easy then, but I wanted to work for My Father and was willing to do what I had to.

Four months later, we purchased a used 30 foot travel trailer to live in full time. We had Scripture Study in my sister-in-law’s home and then at my mother-in-laws apartment, a Senior Apartment Complex, for three years. There were no other open doors for me to minister in Indiana. I would go to different churches wanting to help them with the Truth that Yahuah had taught me. They wanted us to come but to pay tithes and offerings, sit down and be quiet. We stayed 3 years in Indiana; we moved back to Kentucky in July 1993 and bought a 1-1/3 acre lot in London.

In late summer of 1993, my wife, our 11 year old son, and I began to build the 3500 square foot building that we had designed for the Assembly with a parsonage in the back. All we had for tools was a wheelbarrow, a pick, shovels, skill saw and hammers. 

Our Heavenly Father blessed us to find a young man named Kevin to do the excavation work with his backhoe, as he was between jobs. Kevin helped us put in the road tile for the main drain system in front of the parking lot. It was a 60 foot wide entrance way into the parking lot, also he and I put in the septic system and excavated down 6 foot deep for the earth-berm building and its foundation in a weeks time. When that was finished, Kevin had to go to another job he had been waiting for. I am very thankful for his help, and I pray that our Heavenly Father baruk him for his help as no one else was there to help me at all. We poured the concrete footer for the building on a stone foundation 6 ft. deep from grade level, because from 2 ft. on down it was all solid rock.

When I started to lay block for the building, my wife mixed the mortar in a wheel barrow and I laid the 12 inch concrete blocks. We had the back wall of the building laid to 6 foot high above grade by December of ‘93 going into January of ‘94. That winter we had an ice storm and in addition to the ice, we received 18 inches of snow and more ice, and the temperature dropped to 25 below zero. The coldest I believe that I have been in while living in Kentucky, of which I was born and raised there until entering the Army when I was 17.

About two days later when my son and I had shoveled a clearance to the road, two men showed up, they walked around looking and asking questions. These two men claimed to be preachers, and before leaving, they had the nerve to ask me to my face, that if after the building was built if I could be voted out from being the Pastor of the Assembly. We only had the concrete block walls 6 foot high in the back, and grade level in the front of the building, and yet these two men wanted to know if they could steal the building from us by voting us out. The d-vil comes not but for to steal and kill and destroy.  

My wife, son and I paid for the ground, the building materials, our own food, clothing, phones, electric, construction insurance on the building and insurance on our van, sending our son to school and everything else that we had to have each day. We were baruk to have a vegetable garden behind the Assembly, where each year we grew and canned food in jars for the winters. It was healthier foods than what you buy at the stores. When we had the building enclosed and the roof on, our 12 year old son (Yahusha) Warren and his 11 year old cousin (Kaleb) Damien would help me set up the partition walls after I had built them on the floor.

One day as we were installing a partition wall, one of the men that claimed to be a preacher returned with another man and hindered us with their idle talk as we worked. The conversation turn to marriage and divorce, and one of these men made the statement “let the dead bury the dead”. He did not realize that he was speaking about himself. If you have not the Truth of the Word, you have not Life. All he was trying to do was to figure out a way to steal the building from us. Isn’t that just like s.a.tan!  

It took us almost 2 years before we could move out of the travel trailer and into the parsonage that we built in the back of the Assembly. We had lived in the 30 ft. travel trailer for 4 ½ years and our son, Yahusha (Warren A.),  literally grew out of it. It definitely got very small but we were not living on the street. We did have heat, water, a place to cook, and a bed to sleep in. I know it was hard for our son, but I did not hear him complain. Yahuah has baruk us with a great son and he truly loves and follows Yahuah and His Word 
with all of his heart!

We opened the Assembly in the spring (Abib) of 1995 although we were not finished on the outside of the building. When we opened the Assembly we had finances for the insurance, radio programs and other essentials, such as 50 chairs, radio recording equipment, P.A. System, etc. One of my sisters helped us with finances needed so that when we opened the Assembly we could pay the bills; she also donated a Roland Piano. My nephew also helped us with finances after we were open and with 40 additional chairs. My wife’s sister in Indiana, whose storage trailer we lived in, also helped us with some financial help. 

By late 1999, we had 24 people and we were meeting and keeping saturday as the Sabbath at that time. One day the Ruach HaChodesh (Holy Spirit) spoke to my heart the word “Sabbath”. I knew something was wrong and then I began to search the Scriptures for His True Sabbath, and He began to teach me His Shabbat and calendar from His Word. In Abib of 2001 I taught on the True Shabbat, after that day we had 5 people left in the Assembly. Many times after I taught on the True Sabbath, we would only have one young man, besides my family, attending the services. We stayed open until December 2002 Approximately 7 years and 8 months 
from the day we opened. 

I became discouraged, and I was weak in my body because of a leaking mitral valve in my heart. We sold the building in January of ‘03 and moved back to Indiana. We moved into my brother-in-law’s storage bus for 6 months, and then we bought a mobile home where we live now. 

In 2006 I became severally weak because the mitral valve had became much worse (and was almost not working at all) since 1986, when I was working in a dairy plant two years before I was called into the ministry. 
I had the mitral valve replaced in my heart on August 17th 2006 at the age of 65, twenty years and 6 months from the time the Doctor said that the valve was bad (which it had been bad for many years before that). A year later I had my right knee joint replaced on dec 27th of 2007. And on dec 31st 2010 I had the left knee replaced. I had injured both my legs while I was in the service as a paratrooper 
in the late 50’s and early 60’s. 

From the time we left the denominations to now, has been 41 years. Yahuah has brought us to a deeper knowledge of The Truth that we were seeking and a closer walk with Him. 
As I look back I can see a lot of things that I would have done differently now, but it’s easier to have 20/20 hindsight than to look forward. But I have learned many different teachings from Yahusha these last 20 years, just like Kepha (Peter) you have to step out on the water “meaning The Word” and there will be many different winds of doctrines that will come against you and Yahuahs people.    

I am very thankful to Yahuah for making us to understand about The Restoration of All Things, that Malachi 4:4-6 and Acts 3:19-24 tell us that must take place in these last days.  
Baruch  HaBa  BeShem  YAHUAH!

Shalom in Yahushas Wonderful Name
Your Brethren in the Faith,

Moshe Eliyahu, Simcha Nachamu, & 
Yahusha ben Moshe Eliyahu 


A short update:
We wrote the above several years ago, a lot has happened since then. We left indiana in 2012, and was on the road living in two cargo trailers for about 18 months trying to find a place. We drove all the way to far North West montana and stayed in the government park, until the "government shutdown" forced us out. 

With no open doors there, we then came all the way back down to the Ozark Mountains, and Yahuah opened a door here and we found the place we are at now. We've been here for 6 years working everyday trying to prepare as much as we are able to do, for the time that is Now arriving. 

Much destruction is just ahead... which is why Yahuah warns and shows His People in His Word many times to flee out and away from the cities, into the mountains and wilderness, and become prepared for the time that is now at hand. 

We have tried to warn people for many years to do the same, but there is only ever a few in Yahusharel/Yisrael that have ever listened to, and taken heed, to Yahuah and His Word.  
It will be no different in these last days... but there will be a few. 

~Selah/Pause & Think About It
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