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**ATTN: Due to continuing and ongoing issues with our YHRIM email host, where we would never receive emails that people tried to send us. I have removed those email addresses and am now posting our... "normal"? email addresses below. 
So if you have tried to email us, and we never replied, Please send your email to one or more of the addresses below:

Moshe Eliyahu - [email protected]
Simcha Nachamu- [email protected]
Yahusha - [email protected]
      ben/son of Moshe Eliyahu

Please Respect Our Privacy, no soliciting or Scammers! 
It will just go to our junk-mail scanners anyway...

"The devil is the 'god' of this world; therefore he is using All governments, “because they are Beast governments”. To pass laws against All Yisraelites that are scattered worldwide, in order to “steal” their wealth and to “kill” and “destroy” them from the face of the earth.
- Moshe EliYahu ben Yechezkel
                                                                    (former slave name Warren Smith)

"No Scripture Ever Contradicts another Scripture, if it seems to we just need to adjust our perspective until we can see them clearly. Unless you can use All of Yahuahs Word without throwing any out, you can't Teach that subject Fully or Correctly." 5991 s.c.
                   - Yahusha ben/son-of Moshe Eliyahu

"There are Days Coming, that One Man will have to Stay Awake and Keep Guard, while Another Sleeps"  - prophesied 40+ years ago along with many other Truths. 
                                                                             (former slave name Gilbert Smith)

Because false doctrine is so abundant:
 "The Truth will be the Strangest Thing you will ever Hear"                       
- Paul Smith
How to Contact Us:

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***IMPORTANT UPDATE: Our emails, when speaking with people concerning the ministry, are being Stopped AGAIN. And right now at this moment, fake book has stopped us from posting to our fakebook pages using a supposed immediately recurring "error message". This began Immediately after we attempted to post a news article about how the Montana Governor is pushing the injection. I don't know if they are about to delete our page this time or not. I was able to get one final post up, but I don't even know if anyone can view our page. 

We do not know how long any of our pages, youtube channel, emails and other contacts will remain active, before they are shut down and deleted by the beast. Whether they are still up for a bit or not, we want to stay in touch with people for as long as possible.

With that said, we have two "solutions" that are working at the time of this posting (pagan dec 10th 2021). 
-->We have a NEW email account[email protected]

---> We are on Telegram! We started a Telegram channel back a few months ago. If you have the Telegram app either on your computer or phone, search for our channel name "YHRIM", or use the link below. 
If you don't have the free app, you can download it. Or if you just don't want to use the app, you can at least see our channel by taking the link and copying it into your internet browser address bar, it will open a page tell you to download telegram *BUT* you can click on "preview channel" and at least see our posts. 

**The link to our Telegram Channel is: