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Restoration of the Scriptural Sabbath Day
& Yahuahs Lunar-Solar Yearly Calendar Written in His Word

This is a Major Foundational Teaching Required to Understand, Not Only Yahuahs Shabbat/Sabbath,
But ALL References to Days and Times Written and Spoken About in His Word,
and Many Other Inter-Related Subjects.

Important Teachings Conerning Upcoming Moadim/Feast Days and/or Events...
OR Teachings about upcoming pagan holidays

Which You and/or Your Family/Group Need to Study Out for the first time to Know it for Yourselves,
OR if you already have studied them before, then again as a Refesher Review:

**Pesach/Passover & Chag Matzoth/Feast of Unleavened Bread

**Scriptural Answers To The Tired Excuses Many Try To Use As:
“Reasons Why They Don’t Have To Keep Pesach/Passover”

**A Help Guide to Keeping the Pesach Meal
Preparation Needed,  Lamb Requirements, & How to Slay a Pesach Qualifying Lamb

**Are we to Keep 7 or 8 Days of Chag Matzoth/Feast of Unleavened Bread?
& Scripturally: What is Chametz/Leavening?

~ Who is the True Remnant of Yisrael? ~
The True Remnant of Yisrael Are those Who are Searching For &
Are Willing to Stand Upon the Full Truth of Yahuahs Word
With-Out Backing Down or Compromising for Anyone or Any Reason
For ALL of the Restoration Truths
That Yahuah Is Restoring from His Word in these Last Days.

Remnant Yisrael are Those Who Will  Serve The Heavenly Father Yahuah
with ALL Their Leb/Heart/Mind, & Strength!
As Yisrael is gathered back into One Tree & One Body.

The Restoration of Yisrael is Unfolding in Yahuahs Hands in these Last Days
As Man Kind Approaches the End of their Allotted 6000 Year Rule of this Earth
The Return and Reign of Yahusha ha Moshiach's is Fast Approaching!

Will He Find You an Obedient and Worthy Servant??

Are You Keeping
Yahuah's Calendar?
Its Not the romans...

Beresheeth/Genesis 1:14
This Site is Best Viewed with 1280 x 720 Screen Resolution
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Yahuahs Commanded & Restored Lunar-Solar
Two Witness Calendar - Projected for 5998 s.c. GMT
(pagan roman date references 2016 - 2017)
!~ GMT TimeZone ~!  -  Used for OverSeas Calculations
Yahuahs Commanded & Restored Lunar-Solar
Two Witness Calendar - Projected for 5998 s.c. CST
(pagan roman date references 2016 - 2017)
!~ CST TimeZone ~!  -  USA, Canada, & Mexico
This Year 5998s.c. (2016-2017) Projected Calendars
Now Availiable for Free Download!!

Yahuah has begun to Gather His People from all the nations of the Earth, as is promised in His Word.

The 2nd Exodus
of Yisrael
Has Begun...
GMT (Greenwhich Mean/Universal Time) which can be used  by those in Other Nations to calculate to your own Location/Timezone
CST (Central Standard Time) - for US, Canada, & Mexico

Will You Escape BEFORE Babylon Falls?

We are currently in the 4th year of the 7 year Tribulation -  The "One Week" written in Daniel 9:27.
The Great Tribulation, which has now begun, is the Last 3 1/2 Years of this 7 Year Period.

We Are Already IN the Great Tribulation
The Last 3 1/2 Years

~ For More Info, Scroll Down Below for the Teaching ~
"Restoration of the Scriptural Year - The 70 Weeks of Daniel & the 1290, 1335, 2300 Days"

GilYahna/Revelations 18:4 And I heard another voice from the shamayim/heavens, saying, Come out of her, My people-Ami, that you be not partakers of her sins, so that you receive not of her plagues.

12:6 And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she has a place prepared by YHWH, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred sixty days.
the web based counter above uses the pagan roman calendar, and could be
up to +/- 12 hours difference
depending on which man-made timezone you are currently located in
Are You Still Waiting for the False church signs to come to pass
Before you will believe we are in the Tribulation and End of Days?

Such as:

* A '7 Year Peace Treaty to be signed'
* The 'temple' to be rebuilt
* The 'Sacrifices' to begin then cease
* The 'anti-messiah' to be declared & worshipped
* The 'pre-tribulation rapture'...!

Well... if you continue to believe these things, you will be waiting until it is to late.

As these false church teachings Will Either NEVER Occur, because it is Not in the Word.
Or it will Not Occur the way the church has taught it.

Luke 17:26 And as it was in the days of Noah,
so shall it be also in the days of the Son-of Adam.

2nd Peter 3:10 But the day of the Master YHWH
will come as a thief in the night...

What did the people believe in Noachs Day?

They did Not believe Yahuahs Word, nor Did they Believe Yahuahs Servants who He sent to warn them to turn away from the evil and repent and become Obedient to Him.

They Didn't believe because *they did not see any signs*
which would tell them that destruction was coming. 

They Never Believed Yahuah was going to Take them All Away in Death Using the Great Flood...

Until AFTER Noach went into the Ark
And AFTER the Rain Began to Fall...

Then They Believed....

But by Then... It was Already To Late.

This Generation is Blessed as There are MANY Signs Taking Place
Which Shows We are Already IN the Last Hours of the Last Days.

But Most people Still Do Not See These Signs, because they are not the Signs they are looking for.

People believe there will be 'great and wonderous signs' which the false church system has taught
will happen BEFORE the tribulation begins.

However this Goes Against What Yahuah Has ALREADY Spoken in His Word. As is Written in
2nd Peter and Shown through-out the Word, The Things that are About to Happen will
Catch this End Time Gereration by Surprise just as it did those in Noahs Day, and they will
Not be Ready, and They Also will Be Taken Away by Death
By A Different Flood Which is about to be Poured Out Upon this Generation.

But there will be a Remenant who Have Heeded Yahuahs Word Who
Will be Protected and Counted Worthy To Escape. - GilYahna/Revelations 12:15-17

~Selah/Pause & Think About It
Below is a Running Count of How Much Time has Passed
Since the Great Tribulation & the 1290 Days of Daniel Began
The Great Tribulation began on the  7th month 1st Day/Yom Teruah 5995s.c.
(roman date oct 6th 2013)

This is Not  the day when Yahusha ha Moshiach/Messiah will Return.
As is written that no man knows the day or hour of His Return. - Yochanan Moshe/Mark 13:32-37

However, it is written and spoken in the Word the Year of His Return is
the "69th Week" - Daniel 9:25 and other verses

The Restoration of the Scriptural Year &
The 70 Weeks of Daniel
The 2nd Part of Daniel's Dual Prophecy
And the 1290, 1335, & 2300 Days
Teaching DVD Video is Viewable on
Links Below

I know many of you have contacted me about this teaching.
And After many weeks and hours of work,
with Yahuahs Help I have finally be able to get this End Time Restoration Teaching available to
Kol/All Yisrael. I wish I could have taken the time to do
a better teaching on this, but the Day and Hour is Pressing.

As with all Restoration Truth Teachings,
You must have an open Leb/Heart/Mind to Yahuahs Word.
I pray that will Hear and Understand this teaching,
and there is even more additional Information coming soon.

The Times & Events that are Written in
Yahuahs Word are
Already In Progress!

Send this Page to Your Family,
Friends, & All of Yisrael!
Everyone needs to know and understand All
The Teachings & Information that
Yahuah is Restoring in These Last Days!

Additional Needed Understandings
Which go with this Teaching:

(Click on each title listed below to open teaching in a new window)

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"The Restoration of the True Shabbat &
Yahuah's Yearly Calendar"
This is a Major Foundational Restoration Teaching!
Counting the 2300 Days of Daniel 8:14
Which began on the 9th Month 25th Day 5992 s.c.
(dec. 29th at sunset 2010)
This is All Explained in this Teaching
"Restoration of the Scriptural Year
The 70 Weeks of Daniel"
Share this Video with Everyone You Can. Each Person had better inspect their own lives and Make Sure They are in The Body of Yisrael! And We All Must Prepare Now, While it is Yet Day! As the Darkness is Coming When No Man Can Work. This is Yahuah's Time, and
The Great & Dreadful Yom/Day of YHWH is Upon Us.
This site was last updated: May 21, 2016
Counting Forward to the end of the 2300 Days (Amount of time Since the 2300 Days Began)
Moshe Eliyahu -
Simcha Nachamu-
Yahusha -
     ben/son of Moshe Eliyahu

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"The devil is the 'god' of this world; therefore he is using All governments, “because they are Beast governments”. To pass laws against All Yisraelites that are scattered worldwide, in order to “steal” their wealth and to “kill” and “destroy” them from the face of the earth.
                                                                      - Moshe EliYahu ben Yechezkel
                                                                          (former slave name Warren Smith)

"No Scripture Ever Contradicts another Scripture, if it seems to we just need to adjust our perspective until we can see them clearly. Unless you can use All of Yahuahs Word without throwing any out, you can't Teach that subject Fully or Correctly." 5991 s.c.
                   - Yahusha ben/son-of Moshe Eliyahu

"There are Days Coming, that One Man will have to Stay Awake and Keep Guard, while Another Sleeps"  - prophesied 40+ years ago along with many other Truths.
                                                                            (former slave name Gilbert Smith)

Because false doctrine is so abundant:
"The Truth will be the Strangest Thing you will ever Hear"                                                                                                                                                            - Paul Smith
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